Dark Age of the Force

A Star Wars Story

It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.


Galactic Resurgence

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As the saying goes " All hyperspace lanes lead to Corellia". The capital world of The Coalition is a thriving world filled with culture and industry, showcasing the best the other planets in the faction have to offer and in the middle of it lays it's crown jewel, the palace of the High King. Thanks to this vast expansion the planet is more city than nature at this point though it does have a few far off nooks of unspoiled splendor left if your willing to make the journey.
last post by Drexal Kaine in Hyperspace Hijacker on Jul 20 2018, 04:34 PM.


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A so called world of beauty, Alderaan often has it's cities built to harmonize with its natural splendor. To that end, the planet is a world chiefly responsible for the agricultural needs of the Coalition. They also have a more refined court system, with several lesser nobles making up the ruling court all under the direction of the Ruling family, while most others on the planet make a living farming and hunting in the more untamed parts of the planet.
last post by Drexal Kaine in A Lord in Need on Jul 7 2018, 12:27 AM.


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A planet rich in minerals, Balmorra is a chief exporter of droids and other mechanized technology. While the planet's ruling family currently owns the largest and most productive mine, a recent rash of private citizens striking it rich with a vein of ore in unclaimed land has led too a rise of independent wealth on the planet with many traveling there to seek their fortune.
last post by Grisha Mercer in Buried Giants on Jul 20 2018, 12:30 PM.


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A world composed entirely of water has lead to it being a two tiered world. On the surface there are many resorts and scenic locales built on man-made islands, as well as the palace of the ruling family. However beneath the waves there are thriving underwater colonies, focused on the harvesting and research applications of their chief export, Bacta, used in many healing agents and pharmaceuticals.
last post by Grisha Mercer in Underwater Undertakings on Jul 6 2018, 12:27 AM.


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A charming pastoral world filled with peaceful beauty, which is ironic given their primary export of plasma which is often used to power military machines. While most dwell in the thriving city centers including the current royal family of Naboo there is still a vast amount untamed wilderness and swamps along with the native and currently hostile Gungans.
last post by Ise Saro in [Mission] | Lost Souls on Apr 28 2018, 01:20 PM.
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