Dark Age of the Force

A Star Wars Story

It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.


Galactic Resurgence

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 The Timeline
 Posted: Apr 17 2018, 06:11 PM
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the galactic timeline
a history of the galaxy
900 BGP The Fourth Great Schism occurs leading to the split of the Jedi Order creating the New Sith Empire, and beginning the New Sith Wars.

95 BGP Many Sith Lords fight for power over one another in the beginning of the Sith Civil War. This would be fought between many Sith Lords and last for decades.

5 BGP Fallen Jedi Master, now Sith Lord Skere Kaan leaves the Jedi Order with many followers and creates the Brotherhood of Darkness, leading to an onslaught of the other Sith factions.

2 BGP Sith Lord Darth Morentarus realizes that his doom is near at the hands of the Brotherhood of Darkness, so he creates his final solution, which he had been preparing for decades in case he needed to use it. A highly contagious plague, but not of the traditional kind. While most plagues move through the air or from touch, this one moved through the Force, killing most who would be infected by it. It would be released and take about two years to reach it's full effect.

The Year of the Great Plague The plague of Darth Morentarus begins to infect people across the galaxy, with planets with high populations and those most connected to the force seeing the worst death tolls. Planets such as Coruscant, Korriban and Dantooine saw their populations completely wiped out, while the luckier planets saw a death toll of only around 50%.

1 AGP - 352 AGP For two and a half centuries the galaxy saw nothing but chaos. There was no unity and those lucky ones who did survive the plague were fighting with everyone for any resource that they could get their hands on.

352 AGP The Great Council of the Hutts meet for the first time, creating a shaky alliance that would eventually lead to the Hutteese Trade Empire. The first beacon of hope for the galaxy.

412 AGP Corellia and Alderaan rediscover one another and create an alliance, taking the first steps towards creating the Corellian Coalition.

687 AGP Mandalorian attack on Balmorra proved to the galaxy that the Mandalorians were becoming a force to be reckoned with, even without the leadership of a Mand'alore. This attack pretty much forced Balmorra into joining the Corellian Coalition, or become subject to the Mandalorians wrath.

688 AGP Belzen Rusheer rises up with enough prestige and power to become a Mand'alore that all Mandalorians will follow.

700 AGP The current year is 700 AGP. Many different peoples are beginning to take to space and travel among worlds again. But the galaxy has not completely recovered, and space travel can still be dangerous. Many worlds are beginning to unite and try to take to the stars, while the main three factions are looking to solidify their power. It is a galaxy trying to rebuild itself to it's former glory. It is a galaxy looking to end the galactic Dark Ages.

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