Dark Age of the Force

A Star Wars Story

It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.


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Jun 7 2018, 06:36 PM

Vumra’s office was a large, comfortable space decked out it all the extravagance a young Hutt could afford. It was not so much an office as a place to host high-paying guests. Cocktail tables, a private bar, an assortment of comfortable seating. At the moment, however, everything was in disarray. Several articles of furniture had toppled over, thrown about carelessly in a fit of rage. The remnants of glasses and platters of food were scattered about the room, violently discarded. Shutters were drawn over the massive windows that covered the entire western wall, but one could still make out the distant rumble of a crowd below the noise within the office itself.

There are likely few sentients in the galaxy that have witnessed a Hutt throw a tantrum. With the rise of the Trade Empire, most of the race’s elders, those that held the highest stations and acquired the most wealth, had taken on a more dignified, professional manner, if only on the surface. Many of the younger, less experienced Hutts had followed suit. Vumra, however, did not appear to be one of them. She thrashed about atop her palanquin, spewing hutteese so garbled that even a native speaker would struggle to understand her. Vumra was miserable, inconsolable. Vumra was raw furry, and everyone must know.

Two Gamorrean guards flanked the Hutt, watching their mistress and her guests wearily. A bored-looking togruta sat on the edge of the palanquin, halfheartedly consoling Vumra in a low voice. Gathered before them stood a group of bounty hunters, none of which were officially affiliated with the Trade Empire, all of which were willing to take it’s money. They observed the spectacle with a mixture of concern and disinterest. Between the two groups, stood a protocol droid. Apparently unaffected by the violent outburst behind it, the droid addressed the bounty hunters in a monotonous tone.

The distinguished and exuberant Vumra welcomes you to her humble colosseum. We have recently experienced a most unfortunate incident. One that has caused our mistress no end of emotional distress.” The droid bobbed it’s head, tapping mechanical fingers against its face as if it were about to cry. It was a fleeting, unnatural gesture, and the droid snapped back to a neutral posture far too quickly. “As this is such a delicate matter, it must be handled with the utmost discretion. And, of course, only by the best of you.

At this, the droid feel silent, watching the assembled bounty hunters almost expectantly.
Feb 21 2018, 10:24 PM
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<div class="gtemp-one"><div class="gtemp-two">Factions & Canon Positions</div><div class="gtemp-three">how it works</div></div><Div class="gtemp-four">

Below you will find information on all of the major factions on Dark Age of the Force. Seven canon leadership positions are currently available for each faction. While most do not have specific backgrounds or personalities, please read through all information regarding a faction before requesting one of its canon positions. <p>

There are currently three types of canons: <p>

Staff Canons are positions of power with total control over entire factions and exist solely to drive the plot of Dark Age of the Force. Whenever one of these characters makes a post, it usually means that something big is about to happen. As such, characters filling these positions can only be played by members of the staff team. All Staff Canons listed below are marked as staff only.
Major Canons are positions of power within the various factions that possess substantial power within them. While they cannot control the faction at large, they may command smaller sects for their own personal plots and schemes. Members with characters in these positions may (with staff approval) request for Mini-Events to be held. Said Mini-Events have the potential to impact the site-wide plot. All major canons listed are marked with an asterisk.

Minor Canons are positions of power within a faction with limited power, or control over a section of the faction's power base (example: The Grand Templar controls the Coalition's Templar forces, but still takes their orders from both the Dukes/Dutchess and the High King/Queen). Like Major Cannons, these positions may request Mini-Events and can be used to pursue personal plots. Minor canons are not listed with any specific markings.
All canon positions are important to the general plot of DA and require players to be active members of the community. Please consider how often you will be able to post before claiming a canon position. Each member is allowed one major and one minor canon. If you would like to reserve a canon please respond to this thread with your alias and the title of the position. Reservations last for two weeks.

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