Dark Age of the Force

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It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.


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Cairo Cortess


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Apr 22 2018, 11:40 PM
The Duke of House Cortess was a leader few expected to rise up and take the mantle he did, and even fewer expected him to accomplish even a fraction of what he had during his short few years so far. Cairo was a man of ambition, however many doubted him, and that ambition demanded he do the best for his people in all ways, in the face of all odds. It was for this very reason that he sailed through space toward Corellia, seeking audience with the planet's leadership to shed light on, and discuss, the terms of their agreement.

What were the terms negotiated by leaders before him? Regardless of whether this meeting bore any fruit, the new Duke had every right to know everything about the deal his people struck, and how it would affect him. While he doubted Corellia had any plans to backstab the people of Alderaan at any point, he would be a fool to deny any suspicion.

Not long after his ship landed, Cairo, flanked by an elite Cortessi guardsman on either side, headed first to discuss the situation with the Grand Templar, head of Corellia's defense forces. Kaine would be the first of many Cairo spoke to this day.

"I seek an audience with Grand Templar, Drexal Kaine," Cairo requested upon heading into the Templar headquarters. The moment his presence was noted and his request acknowledged, Cairo headed straight for the man's office without skipping a beat. His guards would wait outside while he proceeded within, showing the due respect of knocking and announcing himself, but still not allowing himself to be held at the door and made to wait.

"Drexal Kaine," he would speak once the doors opened. "Cairo Cortess, Duke of House Cortess of Alderaan. We shall have words." No question, no passivity, no edge to weasel out of; Cairo had dealt with politicians all his life and found many to attempt to get away based on semantics. While he knew not whether Drexal would be different, he didn't take the chance.

"May I?" he gestured to a seat.

@Drexal Kaine
Apr 22 2018, 11:20 PM
A blond boy in rags traveled through Nar Shaddaa like all the other souls that walked the planets roads. Each of his steps were measured, as if he were carrying himself with a purpose, yet despite how dignified he walked, he blended into the crowd; dirtied, poor, ragged, he looked no better than any other person the planet was associated with. In fact, he looked measurably worse, but just by enough of a margin that it wouldn't draw too much attention.

Grisha Mercer was a name the boy had come across during his studies, and she seemed to be the perfect woman for the job. The boy need only find her here on this planet, much to the chagrin of the Cortessi Guard. Cairo Cortess was the boy in rags, dirtied like common rabble and wearing it like a point of pride and dignity - the people of Nar Shaddaa could not tell at a glance that he was anyone besides one of them, and this was why he would be able to find the woman he sought after.

After traversing through the city, Cairo stepped into a bustling cantina, just one of many others he'd paid a visit to that night. After scanning the building and the sea of faces and not laying eyes upon his target, he proceeded to the bar, seating himself away from prying eyes and curious ears.

"What are you having?" the bartender asked, walking up to Cairo while cleaning a glass.

"No drinks," Cairo responded. "Only information."

"Fair enough. That'll cost you a bit more than a drink, though."

"No matter. I'm looking for a woman by the name of Grisha Mercer."

@Grisha Mercer
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