Dark Age of the Force

A Star Wars Story

It's been seven hundred years since a great plague has swept the galaxy, devastating the Jedi and Sith and leaving civilization in ruins. From these ashes, three fledgling empires have arisen, resilient and powerful; the Corellians, the Hutts, and the Mandalorians. Will you pick a side and lead your people to glory? Or will you lurk in the shadows, bent on nothing but your own goals? Step into the Dark Age and carve your name into the stars.


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 Alisha Wren
Alisha Wren
 Posted: Jun 20 2018, 06:10 PM
Alisha Wren
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Alisha Wren

Honor is a fool's prize. Glory is of no use to the dead. ❞
Chaotic Good
Clan Wren
List some positive and negative traits for your character here.


Alisha Wren was born into life alongside three sisters and four brothers to the clan of Wren. However, while most would think of the mandalorians as one species; they'd be surprised to find out they were made of and accepted an assortment of alien life among their rank. It was through such beliefs that Alisha's mother met her future husband Bast who was once a proud warrior in his own right before being 'adopted' into the Mandalorian culture. She was born effectively the runt of the litter that consisted of her seven other siblings at this moment. Another thing that would make Alisha stand out which was an extremely rare birth effect that painted her hair pinkish white with red eyes as scarlet as a blood moon. Her parents were both what one would consider a 'moderate' in the Mandalorian lifestyle in that they believed and heavily supported Mandalorian ideals but their own family and their happiness was held to a higher regard. As such her parents were a bit 'softer' on their children then other parents if one considered love and affection soft.

All of their children would received education at school as well as a home. Their clan was one noted to hold proud warriors and the art of creating great inventions for their people. As such they were encouraged to find their own path as a Mandalorian whether as a creator or as a warrior. Alisha was rather flighty herself in the sense that she found each part of her heritage to be interested but with neither being any more important than the other. In fact, what honestly and truly interested Alisha was the study of people and their reactions/emotions as well as things in the particular area of study. As far as combat was concerned Alisha preferred to practice her bladework over ranged weapons as she saw most ranged weapons as boring. If she had to partake in battle then the young girl would definitely prefer to lock blades with her adversary.

As she grew older; her time and experiences grew older and more mature in turn. Now she noticed how certain warriors would not return from battle or hunts and what that actually meant in the long run. A family has been torn apart as well as having their hearts broken by the knowledge that their son, daughter, father or mother will not be returning home. And it was upon this realization that Alisha began to take things a bit more seriously. And this was also around the time that Alisha would begin growing her own sense of pride and love for being a Mandalorian. With more passion in her veins; Alisha began to truly take to her combat training wanting to protect herself and her people. She even followed in the footsteps of her parents and ancestors legacy by creating her own personalized Mandalorian armor.

Now aged into a young adult; Alisha's become a time tested and battle hardened warrior in her own right. And as tradition in some of the oldest of Mandalorian traditions; she was cast out into the galaxy to truly grow and learn until she felt ready for her place on Mandalore. And while some would come back quickly; it was not unknown for others to require many years of travel and self-study before returning. Alisha however is pretty sure that she is aware of who she is as a person and as such intends to use this time as a much needed vacation. So with a refurbished G1-M4-C Dunelizard; Alisha would begin her journey of self discovery through out the galaxy.

OOC NAME: Lucifer
FACE CLAIM: Inori Yuzuriha
[CODE*]Guilty Crown, Inori Yuzuriha Alisha Wren

by rimy ♥ of *fts
Alisha Wren
 Posted: Jun 20 2018, 06:10 PM
Alisha Wren
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RENOWN: (determined by Staff Team)

ADEPT AGILITY: As a warrior one would quickly notice Alisha's agility as one of her key defining traits. Her style of fighting while heavily influenced by her culture as a Mandalorian also holds it's roots within the Echani style of combat taught by her father. This coupled with the fact that she carry a nimble if not slightly curvy body shape which more or less enforces her need for speed and flexibility above all other things on the battlefield.

NOVICE ENDURANCE: Because of her relatively softer upbringing and her rather slim form she is not the 'tankiest' of Mandalorian. A common joke among her class is that she is very much a glass cannon in that she usually can't take what she can managed to dish out. However, due to the toughness of Mandalorian iron and armor that she normally wears; this trait is somewhat supplemented.

PRACTITIONER PERCEPTION: Alisha has always found people to be interesting; whether it was due to their personality ticks or simply observing them in a way almost akin to a scientist. As such she is very perceptive of others including their body language and if provided the information their breathing pattern. Likewise as a warrior she's been taught to pay close attention to her surroundings so she'd be able to react and take advantage of her terrain during battle. This has crafted her into quite the perceptive warrior for her age.

AMATEUR FIREARMS: Almost lacking in even basic skill in firearms as they simply hold little interest or value to Alisha. She is confident enough to hit most large objects provided their not moving of course.

ADEPT MELEE: Her most pronounced ability would be that of her swordsmanship and general affinity for melee styled weapons. She is quite skilled for her age in most forms of bladed combat which she strives for excellence in. Alisha is trained to strike at weak points in most conventional armors as well as taught the tell-tale signs of weakness in unfamiliar armor. And when combined with her agility; her form has been noted to be quite graceful almost as if she's dancing through-out the battlefield.

AMATEUR UNARMED: Due to not having the physical strength of other Mandalorians; Alisha has not put much effort into learning martial arts at all. Though as a Mandalorian one can imagine that she's been in a few fist fights before just that she's not particularly or even sufficiently skilled in the art.

ADEPT WILLPOWER: Having a pronounced intelligence and the will of a Mandalorian will do a lot for a person's willpower. Not to mention her knack for manipulation and guile which places an immediate need on bolster her own defenses against such trickery. She is very aware of who she is and to a rather great extent accepting of herself even including the faults she can identify within herself.

PRACTITIONER FORCE CONTROL: She has not yet been awakened to the fact that the force exists within herself. Or that she could even potentially control the force if she had knowledge of it. However, she has quite the potential with the force even having unknowingly drew upon it on several occasions.


PERKS: (List all of your characters unique abilities and skills here. )

  • Masquerade: Alisha is highly proficient in deception to the levels of being able to easily erect personas and false identities for herself. Somewhat akin to a poker face that extends all the way to her body language being a 'poker face' in itself. She has no qualms with playing towards her strengths of either appearing weak enough to doubt or simply too 'girly' to take seriously. Alisha take large level of joy out of deceiving her opponents to her true strength and out of deception in general.
  • Soldier: When on the battlefield as a soldier under another's direction or lead; Alisha doesn't have the slightest problem executing even the most heinous of orders. Having to cope with having too big of a conscience at one point; she was able to teach herself to disregard it by viewing herself as part of a unit. When she killed an enemy; it was not really her but her commanding officer that truly killed that person.
  • Technician: Alisha is proficient in most technology in reference to weapon systems as well as armor systems. After all she's a Wren; innovation is kind of what they're known for. However, Alisha ever the forward thinker has expressed an interest and begun studying star ships as well finding that she simply enjoying creating things.

EQUIPMENT: (List your main arsenal like weapons, trinkets or and other unique items)

  • Beskar'gam: Custom made in shape by her own hands and supplemented with technology with the assistance of her family. Equipped with a HUD display with a soft fiber material along the neck to allow for full range of head movement with a somewhat sturdy protection as well as built in communicator. With a respiration system capable of sustaining her for up to two hours in space or underwater. As well as being fit with a mini light-weight exo-skeleton to provide her with her normal range and speed of movement despite wearing such heavy armor. Completing the ensemble would be a pair of repulse technology boots which would allow her limited flight as well extending jumps and softening landings. These boots would also make attempting to transverse aquatic domains much easier. The Wren family insignia shines proudly on the back of her armor as well.
  • Respiration system: Her armor is fully insulated to allow a flow of fresh air as well as enhanced filters along her mouthpiece to prevent foreign toxins from entering. She has a tank that hold enough air for her to comfortably transverse the depths of oceans or the vastness of space for exactly one hour and 45 minutes after which she will have fifteen minutes of reserve air before running out.
  • Repulse Boots: Utilizing the technology that allows ships to defy gravity on a much smaller scale. Due to the smaller size and the need for an unexposed battery source; the boots only have a limited form of repulsion. This allows Alisha to extend her jumps considerably by discharging an entire charge at once. Or she can fly at a moderate speed for about 15 minutes before having to land.
  • Specialized Reinforcement: Due to the additions of several technologies to her armor; Alisha can not comfortably utilize her armor. As such she is crafted a light weight and very basic exo-skeleton within her armor which only allows her to comfortably and confidently utilize her armor without being slowed down by the sheer weight. Along with the exo-skeleton is a rather thin fiber and foam based fluid that allows her to jump in the armor without severely damaging her knees or ligaments. It should be noted that while this may sound fancy; in truth it doesn't do anything but allow Alisha to wear her armor and move as if she wasn't wearing armor.
  • Wrist Mounted Launcher: As addition to the normal gauntlets of her armor capable of firing a quick burst of wires to taze an opponent or it's secondary purpose of being able to produce a grappling hook in case her boot's malfunction or are otherwise damaged.
  • Double-Bladed Vibroblade: Her weapon of choice and the weapon given to her upon achieving adulthood within the Mandalorian culture.

STANDARD ITEMS: (items like ammo, medical supplies, trophies and other basic tools.)

  • Medpacs: She carries two of them on her at all times.
  • Master Remote: Has a simple remote that can trigger her ships auto-pilot to her destination as well as opening the hatch for her entry.

by rimy ♥ of *fts
Karl the Mad
 Posted: Jun 22 2018, 10:33 PM
Karl the Mad
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